about me 

Height: 5"7   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Brown

I am a first generation Iranian-American born in Dallas, Texas, and raised by my two parents Sophia and Shakyb Sabour. I have two younger sisters, Natasha and Samantha that look up to me everyday (literally, I'm an inch taller than both of them). I graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in 2015 with a B.S. in Public Health and I completed my MBA in Healthcare Management from The University of Texas at Tyler last year. I finished 6 years of school before moving to LA to, drum roll please... pursue acting! I may not being doing things the conventional way, but who wants that?


Film & TV

Little Moments   |   Short Film  |   2017  |   Supporting Actor

Bedtime   |   Student Film   |   2016  |   Lead Actor

Against the Borlous Empire   |   Short Film   |   2015  |   Lead Actor


Think Twice  |   Gabrielle Hasting   |   2016  |   Supporting Actor

It's A Wonderful Life   |   Mrs. Hatch/ZuZu   |   2016  |   Supporting Actor

Commercial / New Media

In Depth Events: Jockey   |   In Depth Events  |   2017  |   Principal

Facebook Managing Bias   |   AMP Prod   |   2017  |   Principal

Nanny Diaries / Funny Parenting   |   Kinds in the House  |   2015  |   Extra

 Training & Workshops 

Karen Armstrong's Acting Class |   Karen Armstrong   |   Cope Studios

Rose Bochner Workshop   |   Rose Bochner   |   ACE Studios

Advanced Acting   |   Michele Condrey   |   R.E.A.C.T Studio

TV & Film Acting   |   Michelle Sherrill   |   R.E.A.C.T Studio

Musical Theatre Voice Training   |   Olivia Emile   |   Private Vocal Lessons

On-Camera Auditioning   |   Michelle Danner   |   Edgemar Center for the Arts

Improv   |   Derek Reid   |   Edgemar Center for the Arts

Fundamentals of Acting   |   Lindsey Heam   |   The University of Texas

 Special Skills 

Languages: English, Farsi, Conversational Spanish
Sports: Volleyball, Softball, Basketball, Skiing, Swimming, Rock Climbing, Kickboxing/Boxing
Vocals: Mezzo-Soprano, Alto
Instrument: Piano, Flute
Dialects: British, Middle Eastern, French
Other: Middle Eastern dancing, bicycle riding, licensed driver, passport

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